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Tree Removal Longview


There are several legitimate reasons for getting tree care service or having it taken down and removed from the yard, but the most important one is the safety risk it may pose. You will need emergency tree removal service when there are one or more trees on your property whose presence has become hazardous because they are:

  • Severely destroyed by a recent storm
  • Badly decayed and liable to fall anytime
  • Nearly uprooted due to cracks in the soil
  • Splits in the trunk

It is also advisable to lose no time in removing a tree that is growing near your building, and its roots are spreading too close to the foundation.

Regardless of why you need emergency tree removal service, call H & M Tree Services, Inc. Our tree removal company has the experience, skilled manpower and cutting-edge equipment.

Stump Removal Longview


We can remove a tree in its entirety. Quite often, stumps are left behind after tree removal. These tree stumps are unsightly, tripping hazards and breeding grounds for pests. We believe that it is not an option after having the tree removed. We also believe that property owners must not attempt it themselves. This requires specialized equipment.

It is a tough and tedious task. If done incorrectly it can cause a great deal of inconvenience and, more importantly, damage the soil, lawn or foliage around it. The good news is that we can take care of such removal needs anywhere in the area.

No matter how big a tree is and how long it has been there, our removal experts take it out:

  • Quickly
  • Cost-effectively
  • Cleanly, completely
  • With the minimal environmental impact

Emergency Tree Removal Longview


Be it pre-scheduled or emergency tree removal, the task can be dangerous if handled by people who are not trained or suitably equipped to do it. You need not have any concerns when you call us for help in getting rid of a hazardous tree from your yard.

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience of delivering emergency tree removal service and can be trusted to do the job to perfection.

They remove the hazardous tree:

  • In a well-planned process
  • Using the most advanced tools
  • Taking due safety precautions
  • Without harming the surrounding landscape or property

Call H & M Tree Services, Inc. at (360) 508-1313 for emergency tree removal. We also offer stump removal service.

Let us remove trees that are a safety hazard Longview

If you have a tree in your yard that’s seriously damaged, destroyed by weather conditions, or dead, you need to remove it with care before it can cause any harm to a person or property.

Get emergency tree removal services from H & M Tree Service right away! We’ll help remove any tree in your yard that could be considered a safety hazard. We’re fully licensed and insured.

When does a tree become an emergency situation?

If you can notice cracks in the soil, it could mean that the tree has begun uprooting. This calls for an immediate tree removal situation. Tree removal is also of the utmost importance when a tree starts splitting; in such cases, white sap is noticeable between the cracks.

If you notice such instances, call us immediately for tree removal services. Dead ones are not considered as an immediate hazard. If a large branch breaks off a tree, you can call us for emergency tree pruning services.

Call our company today to know about the cost factor at (360)508-1313

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