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Tree Service Olympia


There is no denying the fact that well-structured, beautiful, and robust trees contribute significantly to the market value of a property. Such trees also enrich the daily living of inhabitants of the place. That is why investing in quality tree service is a good idea.

Get in touch with H & M Tree Services, Inc. for tree service in the Olympia, WA area if you want the trees growing in your yard to:

  • Thrive
  • Remain healthy
  • Make a pretty picture
  • Enhance your property and lifestyle

Our capabilities as a tree service provider are quite extensive. These include handling tree trimming, tree cutting, tree removal, tree stump removal, and stump grinding jobs. You can also hire us to do hedge pruning and emergency removal of dangerous trees. Call us to discuss the tree service you need in Olympia.

Tree Trimming Olympia


When it comes to tree trimming or tree cutting, there cannot be any doubt that a DIY project is not an option. Incorrect pruning by an inexpeienced property owner can damage the tree for life.

Tree trimming by a novice with no training in the use of pruning equipment can also have other damaging consequences. The person can become injured while climbing high on the tree and while handling the sharp tree trimming tools. Meanwhile, the falling limbs can damage the surrounding landscape or nearby building.

Stay protected and be secure in the mind by letting us take care of your requirements for tree trimming around Olympia. Given below are some points that make our tree service company a wise and trustworthy choice for view trimming, windsail trimming, canopy thinning, dead wooding, and tree shaping work:

  • Market leader since 2003
  • Team of experienced arborists
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Competitive rates; free quote

Tree Cutting Olympia


Though trees are an invaluable asset to the landscape, they can turn into a liability in certain conditions. You would need to turn to us for tree cutting service in Olympia when safety concerns crop up with a tree in your yard getting damaged by a windstorm or becoming severely weakened by disease.

We can also be called in for tree cutting and removal if a tree obstructs an upcoming construction or landscaping project.

Whatever the situation, we assure you that our tree cutting service is:

  • Timely
  • Well-organized, efficient
  • Hassle-free
  • Safe

Hire H & M Tree Services, Inc. for tree trimming or cutting in the Olympia area. Call our tree service experts at (360) 508-1313.

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